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Hauke Petersen hauke.petersen at fu-berlin.de
Fri Jan 26 09:13:19 CET 2018


On 01/25/2018 01:29 AM, PyroPeter wrote:
> Hi,
> to make matters even more complicated:
> Timers and PWM are the same thing on most platforms. It would be nice
> if one could choose whether to use interrupts or PWM pins or both per
> timer. (e.g. using both the interrupt and a PWM pin enables one to
> bitbang the protocol of WS2812 LEDs very elegantly)
> This is probably impossible to get right cross-platform.
Yepp :-) Thats why we separated their interfaces... But there is no 
restriction in reusing code internally when implementing both 
periph/timer and periph/pwm interfaces...


> Sorry,
> PyroPeter
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