[riot-devel] Re-transmission, interval 40ms problem

Baptiste Clenet bapclenet at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 10:48:31 CET 2018

Some packet are lost while sending message between two samr21 so I use
the sniffer application to check paquet over the air.
I was surprised to see that sometime paquet are retransmitted without
my consent!
I mean:
I send one paquet from BOARD A to BOARD B
BOARD B does not receive it
BOARD C (sniffer) sees two paquets with 40ms interval

The interval is almost 40ms every time there is a paquet retransmission.

Do you know why paquet is retransmitted 40ms after the first one?
Is this a problem (or normal behaviour) in RIOT stack or transceiver?



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