[riot-devel] General configuration Task Force

Jose jose.alamos at haw-hamburg.de
Mon Jul 9 10:09:21 CEST 2018

Dear maintainers,

Last Friday we had an offline discussion with some RIOT people about he 
lack of a mechanism to configure Kernel parameters as well as 
application specific configurations (private keys, timer values, etc). 
Although RIOT is configurable via CFLAGS, there's no way to (easily) 
expose all configurations and tweak RIOT in a centralized manner. As 
shown, other OS are using several strategies in order to accomplish this 
(KConfig, header files, etc).

I want to propose a "Kernel and Application specific configuration" Task 
Force to address these issues. What are your feelings about this? Anyone 
(besides me) is interested to work in this topic?



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