[riot-devel] CAN license question

Gunar Schorcht gunar at schorcht.net
Sat Jul 28 13:12:19 CEST 2018


RIOT defines a low-level CAN device driver interface.

Suppose the MCU (for example, Espressifs ESP32) provides a CAN hardware
implementation that could be used to integrate CAN peripherals into RIOT
if there were a low-level CAN device driver for it. So I thought about
including such a low-level CAN device driver in my ESP32 port.

In accordance with the license terms of Bosch, each implementation of
the CAN protocol and the CAN FD protocol requires a license. From my
point of view, the hardware manufacturer would normally be responsible
for getting a license.

However, Espressif simply states: "Since the selling price of the ESP32
includes no such royalty fee, Espressif hereby disclaims any liability
or obligation regarding the CAN Protocol license. Users of the CAN
Protocol via the ESP32’s CAN peripheral should contact Robert Bosch GmbH
directly for the necessary license."

In this case, should no CAN device driver be available to prevent
license violation by RIOT users? Or should I implement the CAN device
driver and give an important note as it is done by Espressif?


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