[riot-devel] Sensor loops and GUI visualisations

David Lyon david.lyon at clixx.io
Mon May 7 07:24:41 CEST 2018

Hi Ken, 

I will look into how I might achieve that with your code and get back to
you in the coming days. 

Thank you for sharing those links. 



On 2018-05-07 14:56, Ken Bannister wrote:

> [reposting my last message; apologies for the annoying HTML link line -- Ken]
> On 05/07/2018 02:41 AM, David Lyon wrote:
> On 2018-05-07 03:51, Mario Hoss wrote: 
> Hi, 
> could you give more information on your setup? This is a rather broad question. 
> Which temperature sensor are you using on which board? 
> Cheers 
> Forgive my popping in on the list with idea's but I'm following a lot of the Electronics and IoT subjects and projects on many forums. 
> Actually this is a very common request. 
> Last week I had a discussion with one of my Designers about how difficult it is to implement a solution for this problem in Arduino using "loop()". 
> The abstraction is that the processor loops and then the User must insert some sort of time keeping mechanism into that and then it gets really complicated. 
> We were discussing something like having : 
> every(1,tsecond){ 
> v = read_sensor(temp_sensor); 
> write_value_to_cloud(v); 
> } 
> and the job would be done in my IoT Designer.

I agree that this is a common request. I created a demo for it with
RIOT. See the"Data collection app" link below for the RIOT side of the
demo code. The demo includes bootstrapping code, but see
"_run_sensor_loop" for the loop you're interested in. See pg 4-5 in
Slides for a photo and conceptual drawings. 

It would be great to somehow use your IoT Designer to generate the code!
RIOT's SAUL API removes a lot of the board/sensor level complexity. 


Data collection app 


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