[riot-devel] Mutex and thread priority

Baptiste Clenet bapclenet at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 12:03:41 CET 2018

The behavior is only seen when ethos is used:
Checkout my branch: https://github.com/biboc/RIOT/tree/uart_mutex_thread_pb
And run example uart-thread-mutex_pb_BR on samr21-xpro (make flash

See output:
2018-11-28 11:58:50.71 ~~33     `@0909]!UHCP@~~}!main(): This is RIOT!
(Version: 2018.10-RC1-330-gd8cfe-uart_mutex_thread_pb)
2018-11-28 11:58:50.71 ~~}!RIOT border router example application
2018-11-28 11:58:50.72 ~~}!THREAD
2018-11-28 11:58:50.74 ~~}!THREAD 2-|+2-|+2-|+2-|+THREAD
2018-11-28 11:58:50.75
2018-11-28 11:58:50.76 ~~}!THREAD

Le jeu. 22 nov. 2018 à 15:44, Baptiste Clenet <bapclenet at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Thanks for your answer.
> Le jeu. 22 nov. 2018 12:51, Juan Ignacio Carrano <j.carrano at fu-berlin.de> a écrit :
>> Hi Baptiste,
>> On 11/22/18 12:11 PM, Baptiste Clenet wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > I have looked at mutex.c and thread.c and I've understood that a
>> > thread with higher priority (it has priority) will unlock the mutex
>> > even if thread with lower priority has not finished/unlock the mutex?
>> > Am I right?
>> You are referring to a situation in which a thread unlocks a mutex it
>> did not lock before?
> No. A thread A (high priority) locks a mutex which is locked by thread B (low priority)
> And it seems that scheduler stops thread B and make thread A run.
>> In that case the mutex is not behaving as such, but rather as a generic
>> lock, and any thread can unlock it. See
>> https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/issues/9594 .
>> If you want the mutex to actually behave as a mutex you should ensure
>> you never have an unlock without a matching lock (i.e. that the only
>> thread that can unlock a mutex is the one that locked it and thus own
>> it). RIOT's mutexes do not enforce that, so you must resolve it by
>> careful usage.
>> > Now, in my case, I use UART with ethos (which use a mutex) and what
>> > happens on my case is:
>> > * I have thread A (high priority), thread B (low priority)
>> > * B starts to write on UART an long str
>> > * A wants to write on UART an lock the mutex (ethos) but because it
>> > has higher priority, it sends its message over UART until end of str
>> > * B can continue and finish to send its str
>> >
>> So you are saying that the lower priority "B" thread is being preempted
>> and it's output interrupted by A's output?
> Yes exactly and this my problem. In my case, main thread with shell is being preempted by one of network stack threads
> Let le explain again what I see:
> Context:
> * two threads: main thread (low prio) with shell and ipv6 thread (high prio)
> Sequence:
> 1. Main thread starts to send a long str by UART via ethos (ethos_send_frame)
> 2. Main thread locks ethos mutex in ethos_send_frame
> 3. Ipv6 thread wants to send a str by UART, so ethos_send_frame is called and ipv6 thread tries to locks ethos mutex.
> Result: What I see is that main thread str is cut by ipv6 thread. Str seen from UART reception:
> 4. IMO, ipv6 thread preempts main thread and, I don't really how, manages to access UART device and send its str before main thread can finish to send its str
> Result is that main thread str is cut
> Please have a look at ethos.c and especially ethos_send_frame() function to better understand what I say.
>> I'm not familiar with ethos, but my intuition is that, while it may have
>> a mutex, it may not be programmed in a way that the UART access is
>> exclusive too. Exclusive access to UART would not be a good idea as in
>> cases like yours it opens the door to priority inversions.
>> > So I'm wondering why a thread with higher priority should be able to
>> > unlock a mutex locked by a thread with lower priorty?
>> >
>> Actually any thread can unlock a mutex locked by another thread. What
>> can never happen is that a thread _locks_ a mutex locked by another
>> thread. In your mind, replace the word "mutex" with "lock" and things
>> may become clearer.
>> Regards,
>> Juan.
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