[riot-devel] Where to put board pictures?

Gunar Schorcht gunar at schorcht.net
Tue Sep 4 11:36:30 CEST 2018

Hi Juan,

every approach which is not bloating a git repository is surely the best
one. IMHO, it is important that the approach gives the board developer
the possibility to upload/update pictures without involving maintainers.

Would it also be possible with git-lfs to give the board developers
access rights to upload pictures?


On 04.09.2018 10:41, Juan Ignacio Carrano wrote:
> Gunar, Jose
>  >
>  > In the end, it should not matter which git repository is bloated.
>  >
> What about NO repository gets bloated?
> This was already discussed with some other maintainers offline, but I 
> want to reinstate it here:
> We are not *special* in any way. Compared to other projects, RIOT OS 
> does not have any crazy wacky requirements or limitations, and we are 
> facing similar issues, for which- after similar sufferings- specialized 
> tools were developed. Then why do we insist in doing things differently?
> I'm talking about git-lfs. This tools was invented to overcome all those 
> issues we are mentioning in this thread. To me it is the only non-hacky 
> solution. The only time a user will be exposed to the tool will be when 
> building/editing the docs.
> git-lfs does not bloat the repo because binary blobs are not stored in 
> there, and only the needed versions for the commits you are checking out 
> are downloaded (not the entire diff history as with a regular text file.)
> Really, all this wiki-as-object-storage thing feels like hammering a 
> nail with a screwdriver. If we go with the hacky solution we will regret 
> it later when we have to maintain the mess.
> Regards,
> Juan.
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