[riot-devel] Where to put board pictures?

Juan Ignacio Carrano j.carrano at fu-berlin.de
Tue Sep 4 11:54:30 CEST 2018

Gunar, Joakim

 >> Would it also be possible with git-lfs to give the board developers
 >> access rights to upload pictures?

With LFS it will work as with a regular file, and one would need to open 
a PR to add/change a picture. I would expect such PRs to be approved 
almost immediately.

On 9/4/18 11:44 AM, Joakim NohlgÄrd wrote:
> Does git-lfs let the
> contributor include the pictures and other git-lfs blobs as part of a
> Github pull request?

Yes. It even shows a preview. See 



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