[riot-devel] Benchmarking of Real-Time Operating Systems for Internet of Things Devices

Julien Gomez julien.gomez at student.uclouvain.be
Tue Sep 25 18:13:30 CEST 2018

Hello RIOT community !

We are two students of the Université catholique de Louvain from Belgium 
and we work on our master thesis. The thesis is called "Benchmarking of 
Real-Time Operating Systems for Internet of Things Devices" and is about 
comparing the different implementations of open-source RTOS's currently 
available on the market.

In broad outline, we are planning to analyze the scheduling, switching 
context, memory management and/or any relevant metric dependant of the 
operating system.

Another goal is to compare networking performances or implementations of 
the various stacks available. We have currently no concrete planning for 
this part.

This project will be open source (because we <3 the open source).

Here are some questions we have for you:
- "What would you like to see in this benchmarking project?";
- "What RTOS should we benchmark?";
- "What metric should we consider?".

We'd love to hear your recommandations or any help you can provide us with.

Also if you are interested about how the project will evolve, we'll be 
glad to update you on our progress.

If the project gain lot of interests, we will probably create a 
communication channel like Slack or Gitter.

Julien Gomez and Trong-Vu Tran
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