[riot-devel] Benchmarking of Real-Time Operating Systems for Internet of Things Devices

Peter Kietzmann peter.kietzmann at haw-hamburg.de
Tue Sep 25 23:54:56 CEST 2018

Hi guys,

that sounds awesome! Just some hints inline.

On 25/09/2018 18:13, Julien Gomez wrote:
> Hello RIOT community !
> We are two students of the Université catholique de Louvain from Belgium
> and we work on our master thesis. The thesis is called "Benchmarking of
> Real-Time Operating Systems for Internet of Things Devices" and is about
> comparing the different implementations of open-source RTOS's currently
> available on the market.
> In broad outline, we are planning to analyze the scheduling, switching
> context, memory management and/or any relevant metric dependant of the
> operating system.
> Another goal is to compare networking performances or implementations of
> the various stacks available. We have currently no concrete planning for
> this part.
> This project will be open source (because we <3 the open source).

Great, same here :-).

> Here are some questions we have for you:
> - "What would you like to see in this benchmarking project?";
> - "What RTOS should we benchmark?";

Independent from *RT*OS I'd suggest RIOT, contiki-ng, Zephyr, Mynewt. If
you find common ground then FreeRTOS and in case of too much time, add mbed.

> - "What metric should we consider?".

Just speaking for the networking part, next to the analysis that you
were pointed to off-list, one might want to see comparable numbers for
the other OSes. Furthermore a more detailed energy analysis is missing.

Also it would be nice to see how different OSes perform in an "all day"
IoT scenario. For example: x devices in a multi-hop topology communicate
sensor readings each y seconds. What's the energy consumption, what's
the maximum throughput before break-down? And the like ...

Interoperability, feature sets, and device support are important metrics
next to community agility which is obviously hard to measure but
important when it comes to willingness/speed to migrate bug fixes.

> We'd love to hear your recommandations or any help you can provide us with.
> Also if you are interested about how the project will evolve, we'll be
> glad to update you on our progress.

I am interested.


> If the project gain lot of interests, we will probably create a
> communication channel like Slack or Gitter.
> Sincerely,
> Julien Gomez and Trong-Vu Tran
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