[riot-devel] Driver design rules in RIOT

Gunar Schorcht gunar at schorcht.net
Wed Sep 26 10:38:13 CEST 2018

Hi Hauke,

many thanks for your comprehensive and clearifying answers. Most of them
met my thoughts about driver design.

>> - Should a driver support at least data-ready interrupts (if possible at
>> all) to realize event-driven data retrieval?
> If the driver comes with a 'full/extra' configuration, this is part of
> it anyway, right? In the simples 'basic' configuration I don't think
> this needs to be part of I would say.


>> - Should a driver always return normalized/converted data, or rather
>> return the raw data and the application needs to convert them? The
>> conversion is sometimes quite complex. I saw both approaches of them for
>> similar sensors.
> My opinion is quite clear: I am always in favor of returning
> normalized/converted data. In 90% of the cases the conversion is not
> expensive, so just do it. In those rare cases, where the conversions is
> actually relatively expensive, we can always fall back by providing
> additional `xx_read_raw()` or similar functions, that allow to access
> the data before conversion.

Agreed. All the drivers I wrote til now, either return
normalized/converted and raw data with same read function or offer an
additional read_raw function.

>> The design rules that are clear to me are:
>> - Drivers have to provide an interface for polling with init and read
>> that is compatible with SAUL.
> that is a nice to have, but not a MUST.


>> - Output are always 16 bit integers.
> Not quite true. The SAUL interface is build around 16-bit integers, and
> at least when reading/writing data via SAUL the data needs to be
> converted. But the driver specific interface can always use other data
> types/lengths. If it is however easily possible to use int16, one should
> use it.


>> What else?
> All this information should go into the 'device driver guide'
> (https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/Guide:-Writing-a-device-driver-in-RIOT).
> This guide needs however still work - and I will not have the time to do
> it. So it would be nice if other people can help here :-)



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