[riot-devel] just got my Vega

Kaspar Schleiser kaspar at schleiser.de
Tue Feb 12 12:53:05 CET 2019

Hey fellow RIOT'ers,

I've just received a VEGAboard (rv32m1-vega).

It's feature list is very promising. On-board BLE/802.15.4, plenty of
RAM and flash, (apparently) specs & reference manuals for everything.
I'm curious how it's power consumption will be.

I think it'll be a challenge integrating the thing properly. It has five
cores with different instruction sets, four of them on the same bus, if
I read the datasheet correctly. I'm also very looking forward to see
messages floating between the cores! ;)

Who's interested in collaborating on bringing RIOT onto the thing?


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