[riot-devel] USB PID number

Juan Ignacio Carrano j.carrano at fu-berlin.de
Mon Feb 25 15:19:21 CET 2019

Hi all,

First of all, great work. Now to the VID, PID matter: I don't think we 
should get any VID. A single PID may be ok.

Product numbers are for products. RIOT is not a product. Rather, it is 
used to build product (or at least that's wath we hope for). Even if we 
obtained an ID it would be irrelevant for everyone except developers: if 
you develop a device, you should get your OWN ids, you cannot reuse your 
OS vendor's.

For example, I remember using TI's USB library for the MSP430 some years 
ago (horribly ugly, btw) and it does NOT come with any ID.

 > My question is if anydbody has a better solution for the vid/pid
 > problem? If not wether anybody minds if I go ahead and fill out the
 > necessary info to request a PID from the pid.codes collection.

Quoting from PID.CODES:

"If your project involves both hardware and software, both need to be 
licensed under recognised OSS and OSHW licenses. If your project 
involves only one or the other, we may ask for further justification as 
to why you need a PID associated with your software project / 
development board instead of allowing end-users to request their own."

I think that having a single PID for "Generic RIOT-powered device" (or 
something of the sort) is valuable, especially for development, and for 
the CI, and we only really need one, not a whole block. That, and the 
fact that we have a more or less large project should be enough 
justification to get a PID from pid.codes. Of course, the docs should 
clearly state that the PID is for use in RIOT development and should be 
changed for actual devices.

A whole VID would not be useful: what would you do with so many PIDs?

Looking forward to the first riot-powered USB peripherals.



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