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Mario Gómez mario.gomez at teubi.co
Mon Feb 25 15:55:29 CET 2019


I don't think that RIOT-OS needs a USB VID/PID code. It should be left the
Board developers to decide if they get one from pid.codes.

In our case we developed a board almost a year ago for Contiki (And ended
up running RIOT-OS on it), we decided to reserve a VID/PID from pid.codes
to identify our product.


On Contiki we started to implement the support for USB but didn't finished
it. Later when we migrated to RIOT-OS we used our VID/PID to identify the
Arduino-based USB bootloader.


Our plan is to keep using those VID/PID already reserved on pid.codes when
the USB support is ready for RIOT-OS.


On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 8:17 AM Juan Ignacio Carrano <j.carrano at fu-berlin.de>

> Hi all,
> First of all, great work. Now to the VID, PID matter: I don't think we
> should get any VID. A single PID may be ok.
> Product numbers are for products. RIOT is not a product. Rather, it is
> used to build product (or at least that's wath we hope for). Even if we
> obtained an ID it would be irrelevant for everyone except developers: if
> you develop a device, you should get your OWN ids, you cannot reuse your
> OS vendor's.
> For example, I remember using TI's USB library for the MSP430 some years
> ago (horribly ugly, btw) and it does NOT come with any ID.
>  >
>  > My question is if anydbody has a better solution for the vid/pid
>  > problem? If not wether anybody minds if I go ahead and fill out the
>  > necessary info to request a PID from the pid.codes collection.
>  >
> Quoting from PID.CODES:
> "If your project involves both hardware and software, both need to be
> licensed under recognised OSS and OSHW licenses. If your project
> involves only one or the other, we may ask for further justification as
> to why you need a PID associated with your software project /
> development board instead of allowing end-users to request their own."
> I think that having a single PID for "Generic RIOT-powered device" (or
> something of the sort) is valuable, especially for development, and for
> the CI, and we only really need one, not a whole block. That, and the
> fact that we have a more or less large project should be enough
> justification to get a PID from pid.codes. Of course, the docs should
> clearly state that the PID is for use in RIOT development and should be
> changed for actual devices.
> A whole VID would not be useful: what would you do with so many PIDs?
> Looking forward to the first riot-powered USB peripherals.
> Regards,
> Juan.
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