[riot-devel] Porting Zenoh Protocol to RIOT

Juan Ignacio Carrano j.carrano at fu-berlin.de
Fri Jul 26 12:08:05 CEST 2019

Hi Brenton,

On 26/7/19 09:26, Brenton Chetty wrote:
> For compiling ZHe, i receive the following error "fatal error: 
> netinet/in.h: No such file or directory,,,,, #include <netinet/in.h>"
> **

The <netinet/in.h> header is available:


To use it you must add "posix_headers" to USEMODULE.

> For compiling Zenoh-C, i receive the following error "Looking for 
> pthread_create - not found".... "-- Check if compiler accepts -pthread - 
> no"....Note, that pthread.h was found.

The error you are receiving seems to come from the configure phase. 
AFAIK Riot's pthread support does not use the "-pthread" compiler flag 
so you should find a way to skip that check.

Keep in mind Riot's Posix compatibility module is incomplete. There is a 
"pthread" module (add it to USEMODULE), but don't expect it to behave 
exactly like Posix mandates or to support everything. It all depends on 
how much of the functionality Zenoh-C needs (it may even compile but not 
work as intended).

> Also note, ZHe does not use threads, whilst Zenoh-C does use threads.

Then I predict you might have more success with ZHe.



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