[riot-devel] Release 2019.04 - dates and feature requests

Daniel Petry daniel.petry at fu-berlin.de
Fri Mar 1 17:15:44 CET 2019

Dear RIOTers,

The release dates for the upcoming release cycle are fixed as follows:

- 26th March - soft feature freeze, for high impact features

- 5th April - hard feature freeze, for all features

- 30th April - Release date

The date of the soft feature freeze is just after both the IETF 
hackathon and the hack n' ack which is happening during the IETF. This 
will give us the opportunity for a final push to merge desired PRs, 
without being restricted by their impact.

Could you please send any suggestions for improvements to, or expansion 
of, the Release Spec testing. I'd like particularly to focus on 
strengthening this area during the release cycle.

Could you please also send your suggestions for features which you would 
like to see merged during this release cycle.

Best regards, and happy hacking!


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