[riot-devel] Lightweight Syslog Implementation

Robin robin at chilio.net
Mon May 27 10:56:48 CEST 2019

Hi Kaspar,

> IMO the syslog API itself should not be used for new or RIOT-targeting
> applications. Having it available makes porting existing code easier,
> thus I still think it is valid to have it available.
> Having the syslog-over-udp functionality available is pretty awesome,
> especially if it could be hooked up to the existing LOG_* framework.
> Have you tried that?

That's a good point. It should be fairly easy to add additional wrapper 
functionality to use the LOG_* Framework. I will have a look into it.

I also thinking about moving the syslogd functionality directly into 
RIOT (and not as a pkg). This would enable the user to only use the 
outputs (UDP, File, Terminal etc.)  relevant for a specific application 
(and thus reducing binary sizes).

Maybe I can also fit the syslogd into the existing LOG_* API.


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