[riot-devel] CC2538dk Riotboot support

Gaëtan Harter gaetan.harter at fu-berlin.de
Mon May 27 14:30:37 CEST 2019

Hi Brenton,

if you only use the default `riotboot/flash` or `flash` in 
`tests/riotboot` targets, you do not need flasher changes.
But you should not use `riotboot/flash-slot0` and `riotboot/flash-slot1` 
targets for the moment.

To have the support declared and merged in RIOT, it also needs to 
support flashing the `slot-` firmwares alone. These require having 
flasher that can flash with an offset`.

For `cc2538-bsl.py` it looks like there is the `-a` option for this.

Maybe changing it to use `IMAGE_OFFSET` if set would be enough.
An example is in 

The `flash.sh` is currently using `jlink` without using the common 
`jlink` scripts thing, it is in my todo list after 
https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/11554 to migrate to use the common 
one where applicable.


On 5/24/19 2:32 PM, Francisco Acosta wrote:
> Hi Brenton!
> So far I remember we didn't take it into account, and I don't know if
> someone is taking care of it.
> As far as I know, there are two ways of supporting that CPU:
> 1. The way we do it now, which is linking the image in another start
> address so the bootloader can recognise it and boot it.
> 2. Modify the start address on the CC2538 register dedicated to this.
> This might be a bit tricky but also interesting for the sake of research
> and compatibility.
> However, I'd advice the first option to have the full benefits of the
> bootloader and struggling less with the particular settings on that
> chip.
> Overall, the steps would be the following:
> 1. Adapt the linker scripts to succeed tests/cortexm_common_ldscript.
> This consists on making the linker scripts on cpu/cc2838/ldscripts
> comply with cpu/cortexm_common/ldscrpts/cortexm.ld. You might take a
> look how is it done for stm32 or sam0 families.
> 2. Provide the length and start variables to link slots correctly:
>    - ROM_LEN
>    - RAM_LEN
> Again, take a look on the supported CPUs as examples.
> 3. Make tests/riotboot pass
> 4. Perform a firmware update or flash different firmwares with different
> versions so the bootloader choses the newest.
> Optionally you might want to test if the WIP SUIT update format works.
> Don't hesitate to make more questions if you have some!
> Cheers,
> Paco.
> On 24/05/2019 13:43, Brenton Chetty wrote:
>> Hey guys, has anyone succeeded in providing riotboot support for the 
>> cc2538dk board as yet?
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