[riot-devel] RIOT vectors for Smartfusion2 port

Juan Ignacio Carrano j.carrano at fu-berlin.de
Wed May 29 11:29:34 CEST 2019

Assim, Hauke,

To comment a bit on Hauke's suggestion.

On 29/5/19 08:47, Hauke Petersen wrote:
> The general approach for porting CPUs in RIOT is to rely as much as 
> possible on shared code...

That's very important, try to take advantage of what's already in RIOT.
  > . All the specific CPU
> implementations have to provide, are their interrupt vector structure 
> (see e.g. `cpu/samd21/vectors.c` or `cpu/stm32f4/vectors.c`), ....

Hauke, The SmartFusion is integrated is integrated into a FPGA, so the 
vectors can change depending on how one programs it (am I right, Assim?)

It would be highly desirable if he does not have to translate the 
automatically generated assembly file into C. Specially considering it 
contains some platform-specific code (I see something about eSRAM EDAC 
and ECC mempory).

I think this is the piece of code that introduces the dependency on vectors:


See the UNDEF. I may be wrong here, but I believe it is to prevent the 
symbols being dropped.

What you can do is either:

- Provide an empty vectors.c (to make the build system happy) AND add 
startup_m2sxxx.o to the UNDEF.

- Add a rule to build vectors.o from startup_m2sxxx.S AND also make sure
startup_m2sxxx.o does not get built.



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