[riot-devel] dropping board support for jiminy-mega256rfr2

Marian Buschsieweke marian.buschsieweke at ovgu.de
Mon Sep 9 10:53:10 CEST 2019


I just opened a pull request to drop the jiminy-mega256rfr2 [1]. If you want
this board to remain supported, please drop a line there.

# Reasoning

## Inclusion policy

During the maintainer assembly in Helsinki I understood that our inclusion
policy is that a board needs to fulfill at least one of the following
conditions to get merged:

    1. It is actively maintained
    2. It has a significant user base
    3. It is an off-the-shelf product, so it might be easily obtained for

The Jiminy is clearly not an off the shelf product and it has not been
maintained for many month now. And I personally doubt that there are more than
two active users of the board. (I think it is safe to say that two users do not
count as significant user base.)

## Trade-off

Support for the board has real costs. It has delayed quite a number of PRs, as
no one stepped up to testing it. Without knowing how many active users the
board has (if any), it is unclear how big the benefit of having it upstream is.
But if my guess of two or less active users is correct, I'd say the costs of
maintenance outweighs the benefits

Kind regards,

PS: I marked the PR as RFC and as "needs more than one ACK", so the board will
not be deleted right away. But please make yourself heard within the next two
weeks if you want to speak out for keeping it.

[1]: https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/12182
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