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I'm not sure we should migrate the shell to a completely structured output.
Though I can see the benefit of that wrt remote execution via CoAP/CBOR, a
shell should be primarily human readable. However, maybe there is some
middle ground to be found for that. Another interesting read with regards
of input parsing might be this draft by Carsten:

Kind regards,

Am Mo., 9. Sept. 2019 um 15:41 Uhr schrieb Juan Ignacio Carrano <
j.carrano at fu-berlin.de>:

> Hi,
> During the Summit 2019 @vincent-d mentioned the possibility of remotely
> executing shell commands and @HendrikVE had a working shell-over-bluettoth.
> I just wanted to point out to you some work in that direction that may
> (or may not) be useful. With the PRs I mention below it should be easier
> to implement something like a CBOR/JSON based interface based on COAP or
> any other protocol.
> The first one is PR #10624 by @MrKevinWeiss which tries to define a
> common output format for shell commands. In particular, it provides a
> consistent way of reporting the return code of commands. The tricky part
> here is that it is still text based.
> The other is PR #9538 by me where I define some data structures to
> express the arguments to a command and also provide a parser. The parser
> is not important here, but the structures could allow arguments to be
> parsed from a document (e.g. JSON/CBOR/etc) and introspection by making
> the commands self-describing.
> Hope you can find that useful.
> Regards,
> Juan.
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