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Martine Sophie Lenders m.lenders at fu-berlin.de
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actually, GNRC is quite capable to also serve non-TCP/IP protocols and
designed to be highly modular from the ground up. You can see this in
the way we integrated e.g. CCN-lite / ICN into GNRC. All you need is an
event loop that serves the `gnrc_netapi` and define what the event loop
expects and what it provides.

I don't have a specific guide at hand of how to implement a modular
network stack, but there is this poster proposal by A. Dunkels on RIME:

Best regards,

Am 25.08.20 um 15:59 schrieb nagrawal:
> Hello everyone,
> We at IBR, TU Braunschweig are trying to implement a truly modular
> network stack where different components of the network stack like
> Network layer, transport layer, framer, duty cycling can be
> interchanged with different implementations without touching the code
> of other layers.
> The current GNRC implementation is mostly designed around the
> traditional TCP(/UDP)/IPv6 network stack since the neighbor
> information base stores ipv6 addresses, implements NDP and RPL (both
> designed for ipv6).
> The goal is to bring the modularity of Contiki-NG's network stack to
> RIOT. The motivation behind this is that we would be able to have many
> more different implementations like Rime and switch between these
> different implementations easily (just a small change in the
> Makefile). Also, from a developer's perspective it would be really
> easy to understand and implement new things in the network stack since
> he/she wouldn't have to understand the implementation details of the
> other components of the network stack.
> This logically is supposed to be attained by implementing structs
> representing each part of the network stack (Eg: A common struct for
> routing protocols which has function pointers each routing algorithm
> will have to implement like in [1]).
> Could you guys therefore guide towards implementing such a modular
> network stack ?
> Regards,
> Nishchay Agrawal
> [1]
> https://contiki-ng.readthedocs.io/en/latest/_api/structrouting__driver.html
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