[riot-devel] RIOT OS port for the icoBoard FPGA board - icoSoC / picorv32 RISC-V platform

Tomas Styblo tstyblo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 21:04:05 CEST 2020

Hi guys,
so far it's only an experiment, but I've started porting RIOT OS to the
icoBoard Lattice FPGA / icoSoC / picorv32 RISC-V softcore CPU platform.

The Lattice chip used on the icoBoard is probably the only FPGA device
supported by open source tools. And it will be the first FPGA device
supported by RIOT OS (AFAIK)

RIOT OS already supports the HiFive E310 RISC-V MCU, but that is a very
different piece of hardware with RISC-V Privileged Architecture support.
Still I've been able to reuse some code chunks.

So far It's only an experiment (and I'm a newbie at this!), but all the
important features already work, including shell over UART. It is really
fascinating to be able to use a tiny FPGA board this way.

If you are interested, you can find the (alpha, experimental!) code at:


It would make no sense trying to merge it into the mainline now, as the
code needs a lot of testing, comments and improvements. But I'd like to use
this opportunity to invite anyone interested in FPGA devices or in the
RISC-V platform to check it out.


Tomas Styblo
tstyblo at gmail.com
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