[riot-devel] problem mounting littlefs

Benjamin Valentin benjamin.valentin at ml-pa.com
Fri Sep 4 13:23:20 CEST 2020

On 04.09.20 09:06, Bert Thomas wrote:
> Thanks for your response! We are using our own mtd driver for at25f321 and qspi and that driver indeed returns the number of bytes read. I changed it to 0 in case of success and now it seems to work just fine!
> I have no idea why the "old" version of RIOT did not have that problem that I had.

There has been a change to the internal MTD API, now there are 
.read_page and .write_page functions that *must* return the number of 
written bytes so the MTD layer can handle the chunking.

The old .read and .write functions were changed to only return error or 
success as there was no way to deal with partial writes there anyway.
(In hindsight we could have as well kept the old semantics there for 

Have you considered submitting your driver for upstream inclusion?

That way it will always stay up to date with any possible API changes.



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