[riot-notifications] [RIOT] cortexm: Add support for building with LLVM/Clang (#3119)

Kaspar Schleiser notifications at github.com
Mon Jun 1 13:13:40 CEST 2015

> +# Tell clang to cross compile
> +export CFLAGS     += -target $(TARGET_TRIPLE)
> +export CXXFLAGS   += -target $(TARGET_TRIPLE)
> +export LINKFLAGS  += -target $(TARGET_TRIPLE)
> +
> +# Since Clang is not installed as a separate instance for each crossdev target
> +# we need to tell it where to look for platform specific includes (Newlib
> +# headers instead of Linux/Glibc headers.)
> +# On GCC this is done when building the cross compiler toolchain so we do not
> +# actually need to specify the include paths for system includes.
> +# Ubuntu gcc-arm-embedded toolchain (https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded)
> +# places newlib headers in several places, but the primary source seem to be
> +# /etc/alternatives/gcc-arm-none-eabi-include
> +# Gentoo crossdev places newlib headers in /usr/arm-none-eabi/include
> +# Ubuntu also seem to put a copy of the newlib headers in the same place as
> +# Gentoo crossdev, but we prefer to look at /etc/alternatives first.


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