[riot-notifications] [RIOT] sys: ble: introduce low-level ble driver API (#3206)

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Tue Jun 16 12:19:25 CEST 2015

yes this interface discussion is going on since a couple of days, and its ok - and all I wanted to prepare with this PR is exactly the same poc/wip code #2946 in ng_netdev - I mean in general this is not complicated - just adding "another layer" - the discussion was and is about:

A - compatibility / easy to port for other socs
B - "keep ng_netdev clean"

I am just learning about the low level interface handling in RIOT-OS. the #2946 is working nice and the #2766 together with #2776 - looked like a 'ideal start for me'

about the ble interface in general - like I implemented in  #2766 (blemin.c?pr=/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/2946) some 'ble function' was already added, the question also is if all ble specific constants might even be "get and set" by using dedicated  _get and  _get (ng_netdev) calls, or dedicated functions (setting global ble dev constants) like _get_adv_address and _set_adv_address.

The point is I don't know - I do not fully understand the auto_init or why the current (debug output only) PR crashes -I just wanted to create a POC code as stated above - and I thought someone reading the code (comparing it to #2946) - would get the point (and help if possible) and hm I am "not hot" - I am just a little bit frustrated....

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