[riot-notifications] [RIOT] cpu/stm32f3: Add missing closing Doxygen braces for addtogroup (#3230)

BenoƮt Canet notifications at github.com
Mon Jun 22 16:38:44 CEST 2015

make doc
benoit at ariel:~/RIOT$ grep -r include/stm32 doc/doxygen/*
doc/doxygen/riot.doxyfile:                         */cpu/stm32f*/include/stm32f* \
doc/doxygen/riot.doxyfile:                         */cpu/stm32l1/include/stm32l1xx.h \
benoit at ariel:~/RIOT$

benoit at ariel:~/RIOT$ grep -r stm32f*.h doc/doxygen/*
benoit at ariel:~/RIOT$ 

It seems that the exclusion works.

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