[riot-notifications] [RIOT] NRF51822 BLE radio driver (blemin) (#2946)

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Mon Jun 22 21:09:41 CEST 2015

The latest patch enables the BLE Scanning and (the preperation of) BLE Initiating Link state (to enable use corresponding _ll_state value).

I added some kind of packet backlog/cache feature to limit 'endless SCAN_REQ and SCAN_RSP packets. This feature may be removed in following releases - the ble spec is prity frustrating on that point ("backoffCount"..."upperLimit" still not clear to me - and not defined for SCAN_RSPs in ADV ll state hm...) - u can change the current backlog size via (BLE_MAX_CACHE_COUNT) - this is poc code.

The next big task is: Get a BLE data connection working

I will add a shell cmd line 'set arg' to switch BLE link state (for testing purposes) "on the fly" in the next release.

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