[riot-notifications] [RIOT] make: clean artifacts after build success/fail (#3268)

Philipp Rosenkranz notifications at github.com
Sun Jun 28 22:22:26 CEST 2015

Currently, the buildtest target just builds each application without cleaning up afterwards.
This is problematic (see the table) when you run a full buildtest (all applications / tests compiled for all platforms).
I solved this problem by executing the ```clean``` target after each individual successful / failed build process. Since, this is not very costly (IO doesn't seem to be a bottle-neck for the buildtest) I think we
can afford to run ```clean``` often (running out of storage space is definitely worse than waiting a few minutes more).

Current disk space usage after a buildtest (sorted by MCU group):
390M	arm7
248M	avr8
15G		cortex_m0
7.4G	cortex_m3_1
5.6G	cortex_m3_2
16G		cortex_m4
464M	msp430
163M	static-tests
243M	x86
Also: I suspect that some of the weird / non-reproducible travis failures we encountered (e.g. #2479) can be attributed to this high disk space usage.
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  * make: clean artifacts after build success/fail

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    M Makefile.buildtests (1)

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