[riot-notifications] [RIOT] at86rf2xx: reset before partnum check (#3865)

Daniel Krebs notifications at github.com
Wed Sep 16 17:15:58 CEST 2015

> There is quite a lot happening inside the reset function. I think it would be better to try to work around the sleep issue and get the ID query working first.

Agreed. I'm already cleaning up my code for proper sleep handling. This solution seemed seemed easy enough to PR it on it's own. But actually you're right. With now at86rf2xx connected it would probably hang everything :/

> What happens if you add a delay between the SLP_TR GPIO clear on line 72 and the ID query?

Might work, but it would be better to hard-reset the device beforehand anyway in my opinion.

> We should wait until after the release to merge this in my opinion, that is unless the rf2xx is currently critically broken. From what I understand from your description the problem was caused by a hardware glitch on a single specific unit, not on every device.

Agreed again, but this happens not only on one unit. Seems kind of sporadic. But that's only annoying, no show stopper.

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