[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] at86rf2xx: add NETOPT_TX_RETRIES_NEEDED support (#7484)

Koen Zandberg notifications at github.com
Fri Sep 29 11:05:51 CEST 2017

@bergzand pushed 62 commits.

91b370b  make: export features
d877d76  shell: build rtc if available
41eba55  schedstats: revert #6975, use 32Bit again
5af5905  schedstats: refine ps output
b4e1d72  tests: enhance ps_schedstatistics
9c6b46c  pkg/spiffs: update pkg to v0.3.7
7d3f96a  cpu: pic32: Implement HW RNG driver
e75da68  boards: wifire: Add HW RNG peripheral support
ed22017  cpu: pic32: Implement cpuid_get function
1fa566b  boards: clicker: Add cpuid peripheral support
239b5d2  boards: wifire: Add cpuid peripheral support
39cd133  cpu: pic32_common: Fix void pointer arithmetic in hw rng
229915a  shell: remove feature guards from sc_rtc
ca85b34  makefiles,buildtests: omit recursive make
6cadfe6  makefiles,buildtests: fix parameters for size command on macOS
be12319  mrf24j40: Remove rx fifo write function
13d391c  mrf24j40: Correct signedness of iterator
33cbc75  mrf24j40: Remove TX fifo write function
270c88e  at86rf2xx: Add manual CCA
9c073ab  make: fixed indention in (drivers/)Makefile.dep
b426f7c  boards: fix Makefile.dep indentation
7b0ccca  drivers: fix Makefile.include indentation
de91860  pkg: fix Makefile.dep indentation
10ce0c5  sys: fix Makefile.include indentation
954d2a6  at86rf2xx: Add get NETOPT_LAST_ED_LEVEL
ecfed15  tests/periph_i2c: fix some printfs formatting
a78e1e2  sys/fmt: Small optimizations
1422d90  boards/arduino-atmega-common: use PD7 for ctx operations
eaed7cd  make: include cpu Makefile.features from board Makefile.features
6e722e0  make: refactor info- and buildtest targets
1d56dd5  make: fix gnrc_slip dependency
db73161  cpu/atmega: use power.h defines instead of direct register access
63dd9fd  cpu/atmega_common: fix gpio interrupt for atmega328p
5ba1cec  cpu/atmega_common: support for flank low
5855a3c  cpu/atmega_common: fix GPIO INT filter
8307bd0  cpu/sam0: fix sercom gclk selection
e074ed1  lwip: Update to v2.0.3
d2d6702  tests/gcoap: Add second listener
c8d7b52  cpu:_stm32_common: #ifdef -> if
64fdd9b  fmt: Remove unused pwr function
d5e91a0  gcoap: fix resource separator inserting
7f2f5b1  boards: fix LED0_TOGGLE for SAM3 based boards
6a72a33  tools: ignore vendor files on whitespace check
c91b176  make: fix nproc for buildtest
5397718  cleanup: remove leftover AUTO_INIT_MODULES
6fe9fad  pkg/u8g2: update version
57d1190  makefile: indentation cleanup
80e2794  tests/unittests: cleanup makefile indentation
2d6dfd3  boards: makefiles indentation cleanup
67207b5  examples: makefiles indentation cleanup
7d44fa0  pkg: makefiles indentation cleanup
1b36b0a  sys: net: ieee802154: add fallthrough comment
55186a6  netopt: Add NETOPT_MAC_NO_SLEEP
2e0c206  sc_netif: Add NETOPT_MAC_NO_SLEEP to ifconfig command
68f5ea4  shell/ifconfig: Add STANDBY, print numeric if unknown state
5fa7313  sam0:usart - wake from sleep on receive line
77fa387  cpu/native: add missing breaks in option parser
4566307  mrf24j40: Add tx_retries_needed netopt
c10e099  sys,fmt: simplify fmt_s16_dfp
6c9a3fc  sys,fmt: update and fix docu
f069b8b  unittests: update tests-fmt
5e2cb37  at86rf2xx: future proof frame retry operations

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