[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] pkg/semtech-loramac: refactor API and make it thread-safe (#8798)

jia200x notifications at github.com
Thu Apr 19 13:14:21 CEST 2018

jia200x approved this pull request.


>  RadioEvents_t semtech_loramac_radio_events;
-uint8_t semtech_loramac_dev_eui[LORAMAC_DEVEUI_LEN];
-uint8_t semtech_loramac_app_eui[LORAMAC_APPEUI_LEN];
-uint8_t semtech_loramac_app_key[LORAMAC_APPKEY_LEN];
-uint8_t semtech_loramac_nwk_skey[LORAMAC_NWKSKEY_LEN];
-uint8_t semtech_loramac_app_skey[LORAMAC_APPSKEY_LEN];
-uint8_t semtech_loramac_dev_addr[LORAMAC_DEVADDR_LEN];
-static uint8_t _semtech_loramac_radio_payload[SX127X_RX_BUFFER_SIZE];
-static semtech_loramac_rx_data_t _semtech_loramac_rx_data;
+LoRaMacPrimitives_t semtech_loramac_primitives;

Same question as above here

+sx127x_t sx127x;

yeah, you are right. I forgot that :)

> @@ -76,49 +74,49 @@ static int _cmd_loramac(int argc, char **argv)
         if (strcmp("deveui", argv[2]) == 0) {
             uint8_t deveui[LORAMAC_DEVEUI_LEN];
-            semtech_loramac_get_deveui(deveui);
+            semtech_loramac_get_deveui(&loramac, deveui);

>I understand what you mean and I avoided it on purpose. That would have required other internal get/set functions, with switch/case depending on the parameters, very similar to netdev.

Yes, unless it's done via snippets (this is, writing integrated LoRaMAC code in a function and calling it via LORAMAC_CMD, but might confuse end users...)

Do you think it's possible to do the same with Join, etc?

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