[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] make: `make clean all` does not make sense and should be removed (#10459)

Joakim NohlgÄrd notifications at github.com
Fri Nov 23 14:55:52 CET 2018

What do we gain from removing the hack which makes all (and flash) depend on clean? 
What is you use case?
The hack is convenient since it let's us make a clean build when developing and maybe messing with dependencies etc. It also redu es maintenance burden because we do not need to write answers to users asking why their link failed because of missing files after a clean build. Many other projects also support running make clean all, so it is kind of counterproductive to remove something that is a helpful feature and not particularly intrusive, even if it is a hack. 

What are the hacks other than this part of makefile.include?


Some of the shell invocations will be very difficult to move or delete. One big problem with using only make, as opposed to using a makefile generator, such as CMake or GNU autotools, is that basic toolchain checks need to be performed for each build instead of only once, testing the existence of various tools, building application dependency information etc. We can try to streamline this as good as possible, but without any persistent state cache between runs there will always be significant overhead for each make run. Both clean and all require a full dependency calculation to know which files are used, unless clean is modified into the simpler and more dangerous `rm -f *.o`.

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