[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] cpu/esp32: WDT reset in example/lorawan (#11443)

Yegor Yefremov notifications at github.com
Fri Apr 26 09:24:52 CEST 2019

Yes, `tests/pkg_semtech_lorawan` is working and I am able to call all these functions step by step from shell.

lorawan initialization never goes beyond `LoRaMacInitialization` in `pkg/semtech-loramac/contrib/semtech_loramac.c`.

How can I add printfs to LoRaMac-node? Every time I invoke make it seems to clone this repository from scratch and all my changes will be removed:

user at ubuntuat:~/Documents/versioned/RIOT$ make BOARD=esp32-ttgo-t-beam -C examples/lorawan/ flash term
make: Entering directory '/home/user/Documents/versioned/RIOT/examples/lorawan'
Building application "lorawan" for "esp32-ttgo-t-beam" with MCU "esp32".

if [ 3bfef71b1bea135ebd7f4cb8a2c7ccd741018441 != 1cdd9ccec4c9f05b616e7112059be4a9e358c571 ] ; then \
        git -C /home/user/Documents/versioned/RIOT/examples/lorawan/bin/pkg/esp32-ttgo-t-beam/semtech-loramac clean -xdff ; \
        git -C /home/user/Documents/versioned/RIOT/examples/lorawan/bin/pkg/esp32-ttgo-t-beam/semtech-loramac fetch "https://github.com/Lora-net/LoRaMac-node.git" "1cdd9ccec4c9f05b616e7112059be4a9e358c571" ; \
        git -C /home/user/Documents/versioned/RIOT/examples/lorawan/bin/pkg/esp32-ttgo-t-beam/semtech-loramac checkout -f 1cdd9ccec4c9f05b616e7112059be4a9e358c571 ; \
        touch /home/user/Documents/versioned/RIOT/examples/lorawan/bin/pkg/esp32-ttgo-t-beam/semtech-loramac/.git-downloaded ; \
Removing .git-downloaded
Removing .git-patched
Removing Makefile
Removing src/boards/mcu/Makefile
Removing src/mac/Makefile
Removing src/mac/region/Makefile
Removing src/system/crypto/Makefile
>From https://github.com/Lora-net/LoRaMac-node
 * branch              1cdd9ccec4c9f05b616e7112059be4a9e358c571 -> FETCH_HEAD
Warning: you are leaving 3 commits behind, not connected to
any of your branches:

  3bfef71b Add RU864 LoRaWAN region
  309250ed Applying: patch utilities functions
  4794848f adapt to RIOT

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