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> +Above the HAL, the only thing that modules should know about hardware is
+whether a required feature is there or not. If it isn't, the module should
+adapt accordingly, or not compile.
+## Real-time capabilities
+Different real-time guarantees are required for different use cases. Low
+frequency sensing needs only soft real-time support and can handle less timing
+accuracy so long as the timers support long timescales. High-frequency sensing
+and control applications need hard real-time guarantees and sub-millisecond
+timing accuracy.
+RIOT should deliver soft real-time performance by default, to cover the widest
+range of use cases. Programs with hard deadlines should be achievable with more
+expertise. It should provide timers which can competently handle the timescales
+of any application.

Summarising the aspects of section V.B of the paper which deal with design intentions for meeting deadlines, I've got:

The kernel's scheduler is based on O(1) operations, meaning that the time needed to switch to a different thread has an upper bound. Tasks also do not have parallel operation mimicked by regular switching upon timer ticks. This allows for deterministic, real-time system behavior, addressing tasks of various criticality, provided task priorities are configured coherently.

Taking out the requirements (not design solutions) from this, we might have

Deterministic real-time behaviour should be achievable, allowing for the support for tasks of various criticality, provided task priorites are configured coherently.

How does this sit with people.

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