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Fri Feb 1 15:06:20 CET 2019

As he mentioned in #10897 @pokgak, @MichelRottleuthner, @haukepetersen, myself and several others revisited the proposed (D)TLS APIs for a project related work and we came to the conclusion that this API ‑ as it is currently proposed ‑ is too involved for the embedded context. Furthermore, it directly contradicts the requirement that a DTLS API should be transparent to the underlying transport layer API [ref missing (someone mentioned that this is discussed in somewhere)], which also makes sense from a usage point of view when implementing a library such as gcoap which is supposed to support both secure (coaps://) and unsecure (coap://) communication (as discussed by @kb2ma).

We would rather propose to go for the more "thin wrapper" approach and have a `sock_dtls` and `sock_tls` first on which basis a unified API (like this one) can be build on top. However, to be perfectly honest, we don't see the requirement for that (yet).

@pokgak proposed a solution for `sock_dtls` based on the proposals by @kb2ma ([tdsec.h]) and @danielinux ([sock_tls.h]) in #10897.  We decided to go for yet another approach, since those two both are to dependent on the underlying library (for tdsec.h it's mostly naming and parameters and sock_tls.h didn't even provide a wrapper around wolfSSL's send/recv functions last time we looked at it in detail in late December). The solution in #10897 is more "in the spirit of sock" as it plugs directly into the existing `sock_udp` solution and the decision of what DTLS implementation is used is made at compile-time (as for `sock_udp` e.g. with the UDP implementation respectively).

While this initial work was valuable to kickstart the discussion around a unified API for DTLS we want converge on a viable solution most people can agree with, so I hope that it is okay, that we close this PR for now and revisit your proposal once a requirement for a unified transport layer security API arises.

Regarding the `async_sock` discussion: That also needs some work, which I promise continue very soon. This in mind, the asynchronous behavior for that should be introduced independent from @pokgak's proposal, either in #8149 itself or a follow-up to both.

Feel free to reopen if you disagree.

[tdsec.h]: https://github.com/kb2ma/RIOT/blob/7e7d4b08dfece14ba96f9ded554d3064e0093203/sys/include/net/sock/tdsec.h
[sock_tls.h]: https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/blob/9b9ba1d0297c0fecb81f079e5a45230a047edc84/pkg/wolfssl/sock_tls/sock_tls.h

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