[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] Release 2019.01 notes (#10871)

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Thu Feb 14 11:41:00 CET 2019

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> +
+About this release:
+The 2019.01 release includes a number of new features including DMA support on
+all STM32 boards, WiFi with IP connectivity on ESP32 and ESP8266, and riotboot,
+a simple bootloader supporting multiple firmware slots, compatible with most Arm
+Cortex-M boards supported by RIOT. Support for several new boards and new sensors
+was added, as well as for the new CPU architecture Armv8-M (Cortex-M23). Last
+but not least, this release contains a number of bug fixes and enhances test
+About 387 pull requests with about 912 commits have been merged since the last
+release and about 36 issues have been solved. 54 people contributed with code
+in 92 days. Approximately 1525 files have been touched with 171769 insertions
+and 46121 deletions.

The results of the release stats script were

        <td>2010903 (1914102)</td>
        <td>110 days</td>
        <td>1554 files changed, 176241 insertions(+), 50593 deletions(-)</td>
        <td>199 Martine Lenders<br />
            128 Alexandre Abadie<br />
            112 Gunar Schorcht<br />
            48 Gaƫtan Harter<br />
            48 Kees Bakker<br /></td>

btw. They are meant for [this table](https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/release-statistics). So fourth cell is the development time, fifth the number of commits, and sixth the diff stats.

Number of contributors can be counted with 

$ git shortlog --no-merges -n -s "2019.01-devel".."2019.01-RC3" | wc -l

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