[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] pkg/wakaama: Add basic LWM2M client implementation (#11036)

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Wed Feb 20 11:18:42 CET 2019

### Contribution description
This PR is a part of a rework of #8610 by @moenoel (see [#8610 (comment)](https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/8610#issuecomment-451982208)).

### This PR adds
#### PKG
* Bumps [pkg/wakaama](https://github.com/eclipse/wakaama) version (LWM2M) to the latest release ([v1.0](https://github.com/eclipse/wakaama/releases))
* Fixes include path in pkg/wakaama/Makefile.include
* Adds patches to fix warnings in pkg/wakaama example code
* Makefile copies the basic objects implementation from pkg/wakaama:
  * security
  * server
  * access control
* Adds a patch to fix a memory alignment problem to pkg/wakaama
* Adds a patch to fix some inclusion issues
* Adds a patch to fix the read method on the access control object

#### Contrib code
* Adds a LWM2M client implementation
* Adds a basic Device Object implementation
* Adds a basic Light Control Object implementation

#### Example
* Adds an example of LWM2M client

For now the client only implements no security connections. In future PRs DTLS support will be added.

### Testing procedure
Run the `examples/wakaama` application

### Issues/PRs references
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * pkg/wakaama: Bump to v1.0
  * sys/net: Add LWM2M configuration header
  * pkg/wakaama: Add LWM2M client implementation
  * examples: Add Wakaama LWM2M example

-- File Changes --

    A examples/wakaama/Makefile (72)
    A examples/wakaama/README.md (90)
    A examples/wakaama/lwm2m_cli.c (110)
    A examples/wakaama/main.c (49)
    M pkg/wakaama/Makefile (5)
    A pkg/wakaama/Makefile.dep (4)
    M pkg/wakaama/Makefile.include (5)
    A pkg/wakaama/contrib/Makefile (6)
    A pkg/wakaama/contrib/lwm2m_client.c (201)
    A pkg/wakaama/contrib/lwm2m_client_connection.c (369)
    A pkg/wakaama/contrib/lwm2m_client_objects.c (106)
    A pkg/wakaama/contrib/lwm2m_objects/device/Makefile (3)
    A pkg/wakaama/contrib/lwm2m_objects/device/device.c (357)
    A pkg/wakaama/contrib/lwm2m_objects/light_control/Makefile (3)
    A pkg/wakaama/contrib/lwm2m_objects/light_control/light_control.c (362)
    A pkg/wakaama/contrib/lwm2m_platform.c (246)
    A pkg/wakaama/include/lwm2m_client.h (126)
    A pkg/wakaama/include/lwm2m_client_connection.h (89)
    A pkg/wakaama/include/lwm2m_client_objects.h (80)
    A pkg/wakaama/include/lwm2m_memarray.h (57)
    A pkg/wakaama/include/lwm2m_objects/device.h (100)
    A pkg/wakaama/include/lwm2m_objects/doc.txt (8)
    A pkg/wakaama/include/lwm2m_objects/light_control.h (155)
    M pkg/wakaama/patches/0009-fixed-warnings-in-observe.c.patch (16)
    A pkg/wakaama/patches/0013-fixed-warnings-in-example-objects.patch (101)
    A pkg/wakaama/patches/0014-Use-lwm2m_strdup-instead-of-strdup.patch (25)
    A pkg/wakaama/patches/0015-fixed-alignment-problem-in-lwm2m_data_t.patch (32)
    A pkg/wakaama/patches/0016-change-liblwm2m-include.patch (25)
    A pkg/wakaama/patches/0017-fix-access-control-object-read.patch (25)
    A sys/include/net/lwm2m.h (220)

-- Patch Links --


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