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Thanks for working on this! Just some small comments below.

> +  - Deliver data with controllable timing and accuracy.
+## 2.6. Smart home devices
+Easy to use devices can let consumers monitor and control their home
+automatically. The devices need to be able to:
+  - Sense temperature, light, humidity, smoke, etc.
+  - Integrate with home appliances to control temperature, light, power usage,
+    etc.
+  - Be usable but secure for people with no technical knowledge.
+  - Connect to a commercial home gateway.
+  - Communicate over common home IoT protocols such as ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,
+    etc.
+  - Connect to the building's power or provide their own power, depending on
+    the product.

The above feels a bit repetitive. Section 2.5 already contains a lot of the points stated here in 2.6. To me smart home devices are actually kind of a subset of "Edge systems for building management and automation". Would it make sense to merge them?

> +## Suitability for constrained devices
+"Constrained" means that available memory, energy, and processor cycles are so
+reduced as to become a dominant consideration in design requirements [1]. 
+#### Energy efficiency
+RIOT nodes sometimes need to last for several years without external power, so
+they need to manage energy carefully. RIOT's tickless scheduler lets devices
+sleep while they aren't collecting data.
+Modules outside the core should leverage the benefits and address the
+programming challenges of such a scheduler. They shouldn't demand that users do
+the same.  They should, however, allow users to manage power through different
+modes and functions.

Some points that could be added regarding energy efficiency:
-developers should, wherever appropriate, provide mechanisms to control energy usage of modules,drivers, etc.
-for users these mechanisms should be either invisible (abstracted/managed by the OS) or easy to be used directly

Energy management in RIOT should aim at providing a reasonably low baseline for implementing energy constrained applications without requiring hardware specific optimizations. IMO we should also try to emphasize that providing a good usability together with a reasonable out-of-the box energy efficiency has priority over saving the last Joule only on some selected platforms.

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