[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] drivers/ph_oem: support for Atlas Scientific pH OEM sensor (#10983)

Igor Knippenberg notifications at github.com
Mon Feb 25 16:19:15 CET 2019

skullbox305 commented on this pull request.

> + *
+ *          The pin will not auto reset on option @ref PH_OEM_IRQ_RISING
+ *          and @ref PH_OEM_IRQ_FALLING after interrupt fires,
+ *          so call this function again to reset the pin state, providing the
+ *          same option (@ref PH_OEM_IRQ_RISING or @ref PH_OEM_IRQ_FALLING).
+ *
+ *          Settings are not retained if the power is cut, so you have to call
+ *          this function again after powering on the device.
+ *
+ * @param[in] dev    device descriptor
+ * @param[in] option @ref ph_oem_irq_option_t
+ *
+ * @return @ref PH_OEM_OK on success
+ * @return @ref PH_OEM_WRITE_ERR if writing to the device failed
+ */
+int ph_oem_set_interrupt_pin(const ph_oem_t *dev, ph_oem_irq_option_t option);

ph_oem_set_interrupt_pin() is now private. The IRQ option is now defined in the device descriptor and set in ph_oem_params.h as 'PH_OEM_IRQ_BOTH' by default, if not otherwise defined in the makefile. Calling the interrupt is ready to work after calling ph_oem_enable_interrupt. 

Added the ph_oem_reset_interrupt_pin() function. Function will be called in the callback or in the main in case of powering the device off and on again.

Removed the irq option 'PH_OEM_IRQ_DISABLED' because I dont think its really needed. If the interrupt pin is defined, this option has no real use. What do you think?

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