[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] drivers/ph_oem: support for Atlas Scientific pH OEM sensor (#10983)

Igor Knippenberg notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 27 13:50:22 CET 2019

skullbox305 commented on this pull request.

> + *
+ * @param[in] dev       device descriptor
+ * @param[in] cb        callback called when the pH OEM interrupt pin fires
+ * @param[in] arg       callback argument
+ * @param[in] gpio_mode @ref gpio_mode_t <br>
+ *                      most likely @ref GPIO_IN. If the pin is to sensitive use
+ *                      @ref GPIO_IN_PU for @ref PH_OEM_IRQ_FALLING or <br>
+ *                      @ref GPIO_IN_PD for @ref PH_OEM_IRQ_RISING and
+ *                      @ref PH_OEM_IRQ_BOTH
+ *
+ * @return @ref PH_OEM_OK on success
+ * @return @ref PH_OEM_WRITE_ERR if writing to the device failed
+ * @return @ref PH_OEM_INTERRUPT_GPIO_UNDEF if the interrupt pin is undefined
+ * @return @ref PH_OEM_GPIO_INIT_ERR if initializing the interrupt gpio pin failed
+ */
+int ph_oem_enable_interrupt(ph_oem_t *dev, ph_oem_interrupt_pin_cb_t cb,

I have moved the gpio mode to the params

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