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> +- A list of Registry Handlers
+- A list of one or more Storage Facilities sources
+- One Storage destination
+# 4. Registry handlers
+A Registry Handler represents a configuration group in the RIOT Registry.
+Examples of configuration groups could be _Application_, _LoRaWAN keys_, etc.
+A Registry Handler is defined at least by a name and a series of handlers for interacting with the configuration parameters of the group. These handlers are:
+- `set`: Sets a value to a configuration parameter. This handler MUST take care
+of any logic to apply the value (e.g. data validation) or cache it until the commit handler is called
+- `get`: Gets the current value of a configuration parameter
+- `commit`: To be called when configuration parameters have been loaded from storage. It could be use for special needed logic on applying configuration parameters (e.g dependencies)
+- `export`: Calls an `export function` for each configuration parameter, with
+its name and value. Depending on the behavior of `export function`, this can be used for printing out all configurations, saving them in a persistent storage,

A developer should not call registry handlers by hand but use the orchestrator on top (Registry). Although they have a similar API, they are not intended to be used in the same way.

Think e.g about `netdev` and `netapi`. A developer would call `gnrc_netapi_send` to send a packet. `netdev->send` will be called as a result, but not intended to be called in higher layers.

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