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José Alamos notifications at github.com
Thu Jan 3 10:49:05 CET 2019

> Nice first pass at this! Conceptually the approach makes sense, and I agree that a facility to store configuration is useful. I do not have experience with trying to solve this problem though, so my comments below are more generic.

Thanks for your review!

> Context is a good place to start. What alternative implementations are available in other embedded systems? Is the design here in the mainstream? I see a link to Apache mynewt but no reference in the text.

Good catch. Will maybe add a paragraph about other implementations. I anwer inline though: this architecture is based on the [Mynewt configuration system](https://mynewt.apache.org/master/os/modules/config/config.html). The same architecture is being used in Zephyr OS, [as seen here](https://docs.zephyrproject.org/1.13.0/subsystems/settings/settings.html)

> Consider addition of a real example. I like the flow section, but the discussion would be more concrete with a specific example, like setting the IP address for a resource directory server, or maybe the group of configuration items for networking.

Thanks for pointing this out. I will add a concrete use case.

> I like the bullets in section 4 for the top level interface to registry handlers. Can you do the same for the storage interface in section 5 and configuration manager in section 6? That would help focus their main responsibilities.

Sure, makes sense

> I was thrown off by the use of 'commit' in the registry section. That verb seems like it would apply to the storage section. Is there a better name for this notification that the registry is ready to use?

We inherit the name from Mynewt and Zephyr. In this case it has nothing to do with the storage but more with a transactional processing (some `set` functions might only set a variable and calling `commit` will apply the changes). This is intended to be used when there are dependencies or transactions.

> The diagram is really helpful. The size of configuration interface in the diagram makes it seem like it's more important than storage or the registry handlers. From the discussion, it seems like all three of these elements are important, with maybe storage a little less so because its purpose is pretty clear. Maybe resize the components to reflect their importance.

Ok, will address

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