[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] cpu/saml1x: add support for SAML10 and SAML11 MCUs (Cortex-M23) (#10653)

Alexandre Abadie notifications at github.com
Thu Jan 17 13:50:37 CET 2019

> If you erase the whole memory (edbg -t mchp_cm23 -e), run make flash test on SAML11. It works.
If you re-run the same test right after, it will fail.

That's it, I re-tested this morning and could reproduce this behaviour. So how do we proceed here, should we add the `-e` option to the flasher or enforce a page erase before write in the driver ? The latter would be my preferred solution.

Otherwise, I ran the full test suite on the saml11-xpro during the night and had a few tests failing:
- [tests/cb_mux_bench](tests/cb_mux_bench/test.failed)
- [tests/periph_flashpage](tests/periph_flashpage/test.failed)
- [tests/pkg_hacl](tests/pkg_hacl/test.failed)
- [tests/pkg_monocypher](tests/pkg_monocypher/test.failed)
- [tests/pkg_qdsa](tests/pkg_qdsa/test.failed)
- [tests/pthread_condition_variable](tests/pthread_condition_variable/test.failed)
- [tests/pthread_cooperation](tests/pthread_cooperation/test.failed)
- [tests/pthread_rwlock](tests/pthread_rwlock/test.failed)
- [tests/thread_flags](tests/thread_flags/test.failed)
- [tests/xtimer_periodic_wakeup](tests/xtimer_periodic_wakeup/test.failed)
- [tests/xtimer_usleep](tests/xtimer_usleep/test.failed)
- [tests/xtimer_usleep_short](tests/xtimer_usleep_short/test.failed)

I could fix the easy ones locally (pkg_hacl, pkg_monocypher) by increasing the timeout value, pkg_qdsa I'm not sure out to fix it, we know the story with periph_flashpage, others are related to a problem with xtimer.

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