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Thu Jan 17 21:14:37 CET 2019

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#### Description
When trying to build `examples/openthread` for #10599 I wasn't able to do so on my current Arch-based laptop

#### Steps to reproduce the issue
Have a setup Arch distribution and try to compile `examples/openthread`
Try to describe as precisely as possible here the steps required to reproduce
the issue. Here you can also describe your hardware configuration, the network
setup, etc.

#### Expected results
The application will build successfully.
Example: The gnrc_networking application builds on samr21-xpro.

#### Actual results
The build errors

meshcop/dataset.cpp: In member function 'otError ot::MeshCoP::Dataset::AppendMleDatasetTlv(ot::Message&) const':
meshcop/dataset.cpp:487:56: error: 'void* memcpy(void*, const void*, size_t)' copying an object of non-trivial type 'class ot::MeshCoP::DelayTimerTlv' from an array of 'const class ot::MeshCoP::Tlv' [-Werror=class-memaccess]
             memcpy(&delayTimer, cur, sizeof(delayTimer));
In file included from meshcop/dataset.hpp:40,
                 from meshcop/dataset.cpp:37:
./meshcop/meshcop_tlvs.hpp:1141:7: note: 'class ot::MeshCoP::DelayTimerTlv' declared here
 class DelayTimerTlv: public Tlv
  CXX      meshcop/libopenthread_mtd_a-dtls.o
  CXX      meshcop/libopenthread_mtd_a-energy_scan_client.o
cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors
make[5]: *** [Makefile:3909: meshcop/libopenthread_mtd_a-dataset.o] Fehler 1
make[5]: *** Es wird auf noch nicht beendete Prozesse gewartet....
meshcop/dataset_manager.cpp: In member function 'void ot::MeshCoP::DatasetManager::SendGetResponse(const ot::Coap::Header&, const ot::Ip6::MessageInfo&, uint8_t*, uint8_t) const':
meshcop/dataset_manager.cpp:907:78: error: type qualifiers ignored on cast result type [-Werror=ignored-qualifiers]
             if ((tlv = mNetwork.Get(static_cast<const Tlv::Type>(aTlvs[index]))) != NULL)
cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors
Please paste or specifically describe the actual output.

#### Versions
Quite recent Arch while writing this issue (I might not have updated for 1 or 2 days or so ;-))


Operating System Environment
       Operating System: "Arch Linux" 
                 Kernel: Linux 4.20.1-arch1-1-ARCH x86_64 unknown

Installed compiler toolchains
             native gcc: gcc (GCC) 8.2.1 20181127
      arm-none-eabi-gcc: arm-none-eabi-gcc (Arch Repository) 8.2.0
                avr-gcc: avr-gcc (GCC) 8.2.0
       mips-mti-elf-gcc: missing
             msp430-gcc: missing
   riscv-none-embed-gcc: missing
   xtensa-esp32-elf-gcc: missing
   xtensa-lx106-elf-gcc: missing
                  clang: clang version 7.0.1 (tags/RELEASE_701/final)

Installed compiler libs
   arm-none-eabi-newlib: "3.0.0"
    mips-mti-elf-newlib: missing
riscv-none-embed-newlib: missing
xtensa-esp32-elf-newlib: missing
xtensa-lx106-elf-newlib: missing
               avr-libc: "2.0.0" ("20150208")

Installed development tools
                  cmake: cmake version 3.13.2
               cppcheck: missing
                doxygen: 1.8.15
                 flake8: 3.6.0 (mccabe: 0.6.1, pycodestyle: 2.4.0, pyflakes: 2.0.0) CPython 3.7.2 on Linux
                    git: git version 2.20.1
                   make: GNU Make 4.2.1
                openocd: missing
                 python: Python 3.7.2
                python2: Python 2.7.15
                python3: Python 3.7.2
             coccinelle: missing
Operating system: Mac OSX, Linux, Vagrant VM
Build environment: GCC, CLang versions (you can run the following command from
the RIOT base directory: ./dist/tools/ci/print_toolchain_versions.sh).

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