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Fri Jan 18 03:03:16 CET 2019


I am completely new to RIOT and the Cortex-M23 and as a first start, I tried to run the peripheral tests. I am using a Microchip SAML10 Xplained Pro without extensions. 

You seem to make rapid progress with this PR and I am a bit overwhelmed. Just to make sure that I am working with the current codebase: the latest commit in my git log is the fixup qdsa. And to make sure that I run the tests correctly: I execute `BOARD=saml10-xpro make all flash term` in the directory of the test I would like to run. 

My test results were as follows.

At first, I ran `test/periph_adc`. As of now, I have not been able to connect the ADC pins to any known voltage levels as requested in the test’s `README`. What exact voltage levels/range of voltage levels do you use for this test? A hint on where to find appropriate values in the docs from Microchip would be great as well! 

When running `test/periph_cpuid`, the output consists of 16 hex numbers. I will try to find a hint on how to validate this number within the Cortex-M23 Technical Reference Manual.

`test/periph_flashpage` provides me with the flash start address and the page size of 256 and page number of 256. According to the test’s `README`, I don’t want to mess with my board’s flash memory. I would greatly appreciate if you could give me some description on what test sequence you are using. A reference to the docs would also be sufficient! According to the board features listed on the Microchip webshop, there is 64KB flash memory. Nevertheless, I was unable to find a memory map. 

Can you provide me with an explanation or doc reference for the `test/periph_gpio`? There is no `README` in this directory and I could not find a wiki page, tutorial or any other RIOT documentation for the tests. The description I receive when executing the test does not help me either, I am very sorry.

Since I do not have any extensions or sensors, I am not sure if there is a way for me to sufficiently perform `test/periph_i2c`. Executing `i2c_acquire 0` and `i2c_release 0` both return `Success`. According to [1], page 7, the i2c connects the Microchip Embedded Debugger to the Control MCU of the Analog Module and offers a data line and a clock line. I do not see how this is related to the test’s read/write of registers/I2C devices and what input parameters are useful.

`test/periph_pm` outputs the test description. Just a side note: Is "Layered support is not unavailable for this CPU.“ correct? „Not unavailable“? As of now, I don’t have an external power measurement device.

`test/periph_rtc` outputs 4 alarms, each 2 seconds apart. Side note: the `README`s of `test/periph_rtc` and `test/periph_rtt` both claim that an alarm is coming every 10 seconds.

For `test/periph_rtt`, I waited for 10 hellos. All of them came 10 seconds apart.

What setup configuration do you use for `test/periph_spi`? According to the aforementioned user guide [1], „this is a one-way data transfer channel from the XAM to the EDBG“. Therefore I assume that it only makes sense to initialize the board as master and try to receive some current measurements from the XAM? I don’t see how `send - transfer string to slave` (output of `help`) is supposed to work for this board and what the benchmarks are going to do. 

`test/periph_timer` outputs a successful test of `TIMER_0`. 

`test/periph_uart` outputs 1 available device `UART_DEV(0)`. I will try to connect RX and TX tomorrow.

The following tests were outputted as unspecified features: `test/periph_dac`, `test/periph_eeprom`, `test/periph_hwrng`, `test/periph_pwm`, `test/periph_qdec`.
`test/periph_dma` was also outputted as unspecified feature. Nevertheless, it is executable and prints `DMA dummy test app`. 


In addition to the questions above, I have one last question concerning the tests as a whole. In this PR’s conversation, @aabadie published results of running „the full test suite“. Can you tell me where to find its documentation? Or explain to me how to run this test suite? 

I am aware that this is a very long list of open questions and I understand that you are concerned with fixing this pull request in time for the next release. Still, it would be great if you were able to give me any kind of feedback or help!

Thank you very much in advance for any comments!


[1]  „SAM L10/L11 Xplained Pro User Guide“, published by Microchip, revision b

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