[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] esp8266: esp_wifi netdev driver (#10792)

Gunar Schorcht notifications at github.com
Mon Jan 21 12:37:31 CET 2019

Partially good news. With the new [ESP8266 RTOS SDK 3.x](https://github.com/espressif/ESP8266_RTOS_SDK), Espressif started in September last year to publish a SDK which is quite similar to the [ESP-IDF](https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf) (the ESP32 SDK that was also used for the RIOT port to ESP32).

Initially, the RIOT port for ESP8266 was realized using the [ESP8266 NONOS SDK](https://github.com/espressif/ESP8266_NONOS_SDK) since the ESP8266 RTOS SDK up to version 2.x  was also closed source like the NONOS SDK, but additionally bases on FreeRTOS.

I was already thinking to try a port for the new ESP8266 RTOS SDK 3.x.

- Parts of the ESP8266 port have to be rewritten from scratch to use this new SDK.
- Some parts of the ESP8266 RTOS SDK depend on FreeRTOS so that an adoption layer has to be written as for the ESP32 port.
- Some parts are still available only as proprietary binary blobs.

Pros for trying a port to the new ESP8266 RTOS SDK 3.x:
- Even though there are still some proprietary binary blobs, important parts of the SDK become available in source code with version 3.x of the ESP8266 RTOS SDK.
- All parts that are not required in RIOT can be dropped, including the `lwIP`.
- ESP8266 RTOS SDK is very similar to the ESP-IDF so that at least some parts of the code can be reused from the ESP32 port, e.g., the FreeRTOS adoption layer.
- There is a clear APIs for using the WiFi interface.

It's already on my ToDo to take a try, but at moment it seems to be more reasonable to get the existing port working with the WiFi interface.

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