[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] sys/base64: Add size estimation functions (#10796)

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Wed Jan 23 16:59:22 CET 2019

danpetry requested changes on this pull request.

unittests/tests-base64 still run and pass on native and samr21-xpro.
Please address the comment, then squash and rebase and I'll be happy to ACK

> + */
+static inline size_t base64_estimate_decode_size(size_t base64_in_size)
+    return ((base64_in_size / 4) * 3);
+ * @brief Estimates the length of the resulting string after encoding
+ * @p data_in_size bytes into base64.
+ *
+ * @param[in] data_in_size Amount of bytes to be encoded
+ * @return Amount of characters the output string is estimated to have
+ */
+static inline size_t base64_estimate_encode_size(size_t data_in_size)
+    return (4 * ((data_in_size + 2) / 3));

[CCN-LITE](https://github.com/cn-uofbasel/ccn-lite/blob/master/src/ccnl-utils/src/base64.c) adds a +1 to the end of this. Which would make the following check in `base64_encode()` more tight, so it's worth knowing why. Do you have an idea why they have this?

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