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Mon Jul 8 15:41:22 CEST 2019

hi @dcellucci 

> Thanks- RIOT is a pretty cool OS looking forward to working with it.
I just needed to mod the Platform-config.h file that comes with the thread-reference-20180926 version of OpenThread. This version of OpenThread redefines the PACKAGE preprocessor symbol that then causes problems for the Nordic boards because it's then later used as vendor specific attribute in a struct (located at cpu/nrf52/include/vendor/nrf52.h). Simply commenting out this line was sufficient to fix the compilation error, but I needed to copy it over a fresh config file to implement this change. I put this config file in the nrf52 directory, but I'm open to suggestions if there's somewhere else it would fit better.

I fixed the original problem in #11817. Some contrib files were including the openthread configuration header, which is only required to build OpenThread and not to build the RIOT contrib files. With that it shouldn't be necessary to add a config file and it's still possible to use other configurations if needed. Can you check if that PR solves the issue for you?

> What isn't implemented is the NETDEV_EVENT_TX_COMPLETE_DATA_PENDING event. As far as I can tell the current Nordic radio code doesn't ever read the packet to check if the frame pending bit is set or not. However, I have not seen any unexpected behavior due to the absence of this code. Is there something I should look out for that would stem from not implementing this event?

This NETDEV_EVENT_TX_COMPLETE_DATA_PENDING only works in radios that support automatic ACK handling (e.g at86rf2xx).

For the current OpenThread implementation, the DATA_PENDING and standard TX_DONE are handled the same way, as seen in: https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/blob/210265cbce3092f0b4b8c93b06fa3d37d2f38d8a/pkg/openthread/contrib/platform_radio.c#L189

You will be able to use Openthread normally, but Sleepy End Devices will not be fully supported (but they aren't in the other radios anyway). There are plans to improve this,so in case you have any ideas/contributions they are welcome!

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