[riot-notifications] [RIOT-OS/RIOT] murdock: allow multiple files to be sent along with a test job (#11697)

Francisco notifications at github.com
Fri Jul 12 09:57:37 CEST 2019

> > It would make more sense from a general build system point of view to have a COMPILED_BINARIES, DISTRIBUTED_FILES or another name that by default contains $(ELFFILE) $(FLASHFILE) (and currently $(HEXFILE)).
> Well, right now the use case is testing. I'm happy to rename the variable to whatever fits better. Should do that when there is another use-case.

Although I think @cladmi comment here is valid I agree with the fact that this can be added when the use case arises, no need to add it now when there is no use-case.

> > I would not support any direction where a private key needs to be sent to an external test setup. These things are normally stored in a central system place with limited permissions and a passphrase or even on external hardware to never be seen.
> This is meant for testing, the key does not need to be kept secret. Providing a secure key distribution system in order to provide a rather open test system with "secure" keys is a complete waste of time.

I agree witch @cladmi concern here, even if I'm testing I do not think my personal private keys should be sent. 

But I don't see why a pair of keys can't be generated just for testing, and those be sent out to the workers? Maybe I'm not following correctly but isn't that what is happening here? `make tests-murdock` sets `RIOT_CI_BUILD`, `SUIT_KEY_DIR` is forced to `$(BINDIR)`, a temporary just for testing pair of keys is generated, the `$(FLASH_FILE)` would be recompiled before sending and everything in murdock would run with this temporary pair of keys?

> So far so good. For a regular CI build, the keys from BINDIR are sent along with the test job.
> But if now a local user tries "make test-murdock", with the keys residing outside of BINDIR, it fails because of that.

If the user insists on using his personal private keys for testing a warning message where he is informed that they are being sent in a insecure way should be enough for now, or even an error message which the user could comment out to force it. What do you think?

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